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Welcome to Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia
These terms and conditions delineate the rules and regulations for the use of Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia Website, located at https://hasnatsphysiotherapy.com/.
By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use HPL if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

Treatment policy

Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia requires the client assent both for processing client data and treatment. The client’s signature on the Initial Assessment form confirms that the client has read and understood the terms and conditions and that client:

  • Consents to information together with medical niceties about the client being processed for the purposes of treatments as a private client and the settlement of related expenses.
  • Healing and recovery is a process. It is not a one session fix. It is a 50/50 between you and your therapist. You are responsible for your health. Your therapist and Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia are not responsible for the delayed improvement of your condition or re-injury if you choose to dismiss the advice given and continue with your previous activity levels.
  • Consents to treatment by the physiotherapist in attendance.

Consents to haveing details, which are relevant to the client’s conditions and for which they are seeking treatment, to be shared with client’s consultant or their referring medical Hospital on request.

Treatment duration policy

If we have not agreed the number of sessions to be provided, we shall provide treatment on a session-by-session basis. We will be in agreement the date and time of the first session and any subsequent sessions by telephone, in person or by e-mail. Also if you are interested in chiropractic adjustment therapy in here the time frame must be gritty. In that case you need to give at least one hour. You must abide by these rules.

Patient registration policy

Before booking an appointment with us, we give assurance all clients to learn our policy. This provides key details on what you can expect from us during your appointments.

Cancellation Policy – Reminder emails and/or text messages are sent as a courtesy to all our clients, however the onus is on yourself to keep a record of all of your future appointments. To cancel or reschedule an appointment without incurring a charge, we require at least 24 hours notice. Appointments being cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment time will be liable to a late cancellation charge. The charge will be the full fee of the appointment being cancelled or rescheduled charged at our self-funding rates.

Payment policy

When you are required to pay the full cost of your treatment, we will take payment by cash payment on the premises at the time of each appointment for before treatment.  We can also provide you with a full receipt by email or by hand receive cash memo if you need to reclaim this charge from your company or official purpose.

Refund policy

If you don’t wish to endure treatment for any reason but you have paid the full sum before undergoing treatment. Also no refund will be given if you are unable to attend one of your sessions for any rationale. In this case, you must know and pay money before taking the treatment. The authority shall not be liable for the latter.

Business policy

I/We the patient(s) who have signed these terms and conditions (below) agree with Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia (hereinafter referred to as “the business”) that:

  1. A Physiotherapist from the business may provide treatment for me.
  2. I am personally liable to pay the treatment fees of the business and any surcharges incurred (e.g. as a result of a failure to attend an appointment where I have failed to give the business at least 24 hours notice).  
  3. I will keep a record of my own appointment date and time and not rely on the text/email reminder.
  4. The business accepts no responsibility or liability for any indirect, special or consequential loss or other damages howsoever caused or any liability arising from the services or treatment provided or made available to me except in the case of personal injury or death caused solely by negligence of the business, its servants or agents.  
  5. I or the business may terminate this contract by mutual agreement or by either I or the business giving the other immediate notice of termination in writing to the last known address.
  6. Where this agreement (and/or a termination notice under 5 above) has been signed by a person on my behalf, that the person so signing warrants to pay all charges incurred up to the date of termination (unless already paid).
  7. The business shall not be liable to me or be deemed to be in breach of this agreement by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of its obligations in relation to services or treatment if the delay or failure is due to any Act of Allah. 
  8. If the whole or part of any of this agreement shall be held void or unenforceable by any Court or competent authority, then any such term or condition or the relevant part thereof (as the case may be) shall be deleted and the remaining terms and conditions (or part or parts of such terms and conditions shall continue in full force and effect.


The resources on Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia website are given “as is”. Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia makes no guarantees, communicated or suggested, and thus renounce and quash every single other warranty, including without impediment, inferred guarantees or states of merchantability, health for a detailed reason, or non-encroachment of approved property or other contravention of rights.

Further, Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia does not deserve or make any representations concerning the precision, likely results, or unwavering quality of the utilization of the materials on its Internet site. Nor does it generally identify with such materials or on any destinations connected to this website.

Official stuff maintain policy

Hasnat’s Physiotherapy Lalmatia office maintains appropriate work amenities and distribution for employees. The employees are predictable to follow the Professional code of ethics under which they must behave professionally in their work and while commerce with other colleagues, customer, supplier etc. They are also expected to maintain truthfulness & honesty in all their work. Ethical and legal standards should be maintained in business. No one is allowed under the code of conduct policy to take unjust advantage of anyone through manipulation, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practice.  Weekly update of the case, its prognosis and its management should be discussed with the respective therapist. Counseling, progress and prognosis discussion with the patient. There should be a replacement of each staff to fulfill the responsibility for smooth functioning. Promoting the services and treatment management packages to the eligible patients. There should be a substitute of each therapist in their absence to accomplish the liability for better services.